Friday 24 January 2014

That Tree - an iPhone photo journal

Photographer Mark Hirsch started a year-long project documenting an ancient Bur Oak tree near his home in Platteville, Wisconsin by using his new iPhone. Pursuing this project for Mark was a real challenge, for he had lived a fast-pace life of a photo journalist and being used to professional gears. But Mark committed himself to take on this cool project and posted the images on Facebook every day with new angles and fresh perspectives of That Tree.

The story behind Mark's motives to carry on this project is touching. What Mark has learned is also a good lesson for us. Some time, we have to slow down, be more patience, dedicated and appreciate the world around us. No wonder, at its core a simple project can be appreciated by so many followers.

Now, that the year has past, Mark has developed his project into a beautiful book - That Tree.
Check our Mark's website of That Tree

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