Tuesday 7 October 2014

Bored with Instragram’s Limited Filter Selection? Try One-Click Overlays for More Creative Shots!

Creating excellent photos quickly on your mobile is easy with presets & filters. But the most downloaded photo editor app Instagram only gives you 20 filters to choose from. Images begin to look the same after repeated use of classic filters like Valencia and X-Pro II. For the photographer who wants to take pictures, choose a filter to customize the mood and then share with friends in a few seconds, we've got more creative one-click options for you!

In addition to the 40 preset effects including Lomo, Artistic, HDR effects and Vignette, the PhotoDirector app has light leak, grunge, and scratch overlays to give your image the artistic mood you desire.

Light Leak

A light leak happens when light is able to "leak" into the body of the camera exposing the film with extra light. The result is diffuse light that may cast shadows or reflect in different ways. In the lomography movement, this is seen as a positive effect, giving photos more character. 

To apply the light leak effect to your images, open the PhotoDirector app and click "Overlays" at the bottom, then select "Light Leak" and choose from the different directions of the light leak. Then you can manually adjust the intensity of the leak with the slider for more control.

Original image (left), one-touch light leak overlay applied with PhotoDirector (right)

The grunge effect is a popular trend that gives your photo a more organic and realistic look rather than looking polished and perfected. This overlay can make your pictures look as if they were hanging on the wall of a rock club for years.

To apply this grunge effect on your photos, open the PhotoDirector app and click "Overlays," then select "Grunge" and select from the different styles of the grunge look. Then you can manually alter the grunge effect by flipping the overlay 90 degrees or even flipping the design upside down with the first row of options.

 Selecting dfferent styles of the grunge overlay with PhotoDirector produces different results

To artificially age your photos, try the scratch overlay. Achieving that antique look of photos found in your grandmother's attic is easy with this effect.

To apply this scratched looking effect on your shots, open the PhotoDirector app and click "Overlays," then select "Scratch" and select from the many styles of the scratch. Then you can manually alter the scratch effect by flipping the overlay 90 degrees or even flipping the design upside down with the first row of options.

  Two styles of the scratch overlay with PhotoDirector gives each photo a unique feel

What is PhotoDirector Mobile?
PhotoDirector is Cyberlink's easy-to-use photo editing and adjustment app, giving users the power to quickly add effects and filters, edit and enhance their shots, or create stylish photo collages on their mobile devides. Anyone can achieve outstanding, DSLR-like results in a matter of seconds with PhotoDirector, available for free on Google Play, the Windows Store and now the Apple App Store.


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