Tuesday 2 December 2014

Changing the Way We Connect this Holiday: Announcing U

Imagine for a moment that you are messaging your friends and family on your mobile. What if your conversations were centered on the photo moments you capture each and every day? What if you could collect all of your friends' photos from outings and parties right on your device? What if you could add your own voice to photos, create personal photo journals to remember special moments, and even recall photos and text after you sent it? 

This is not your imagination, this is the new era of mobile communications.

Today, the team here at CyberLink has officially launched the innovative new U messenger app that brings you a brand new photo sharing and social communication experience. 

Particularly during this holiday season, U's features help enrich interactions with family and friends. As our CEO Alice H. Chang says, U is perfect for "capturing and enhancing group events" and also gives way to a more personalized experience because it "places control of users’ content back in their hands for a more secure messaging experience.”

How U messenger can enhance your holiday moments:

1. After you arrive to the party, invite friends to download U

Connect with your friends quickly so that you can share photos and messages from the party later on with those people you choose (and not everyone in your friends list).

Use an SMS text message, e-mail, U user ID, or your unique QR code to connect with new friends using iOS and Android devices.

2. Eat, drink, and be merry...

Enjoy the holiday party, eat all of the wonderful seasonal foods, and don't forget to take pictures of your friends & family that you can share later on. You no longer have to worry about hiding your photos away from prying eyes, because with U messenger you can select exactly who you will share the photos with.

3. Create a collaborative group photo album.

Gather photos from the night into one group album to view the night's best moments from all angles.

One of the unique features about U is the collaborative group albums that gives you control to invite a group of people to contribute and share images to an album that you all can then comment on. Now you can form group photo albums for events with your different circles of friends: classmates, family members, co-workers, and best friends.

4. Start photo chatting to laugh with friends about the party highlights.

Photo Chats let you and your friends share text or voice comments directly on your photos. And all of your comments stay with the photos forever, which you can later access anytime and anywhere (because they are stored in the cloud for as long as you want them).

Creating a Photo Chat is especially great for family members and friends who are away during the holidays. Now they can participate in the close moments of friendship and warm family celebrations.

5. Relive the memories again and again.

You no longer have to worry about the photos you send via message disappearing without you knowing it. The albums and photos you create and share in U are available for as long as you want to access them. When next summer rolls around and you want to remember the great times this winter, all of your images with comments will be available for you (stored in the cloud for as long as you want them).

What is Unique about U messenger?

Features distinctive to U that cannot be found in any other instant communication app:
  • Photo Chats — Share comments directly on photos, all comments can stay with the photos forever if the user chooses.
  • Collaborative Group Albums — Create a single album that only selected contacts can add photos to and comment on. Ideal for social gatherings and events.
  • Audio Photos — Merge photo and audio by adding a voice recording to tell the story and background behind the picture.
  • Photo Journals — Add personal notes to photos in albums. Remember all the details of favorite photo moments.
  • Break Up  Delete your full history with a friend by taking back all content including messages and photos. This removes all content from their device and deletes them from your friend’s list and theirs.

Download U now for FREE for iOS and Android mobile phones.


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