Tuesday 23 December 2014

The Secret to Taking Perfect Holiday Group Shots

Eyes looking a bit tired after wrapping presents late into the night? Skin looking pale this winter because it's been months since you've seen the sun? Still have to look bright-eyed and cheery for your Christmas photos?

We're here to help! Our YouCam Perfect app is great for fixing up your group shots because you can easily edit each face independently. Simply snap a photo using YouCam Perfect, or "Edit" one of the images already stored in your phone.

Let's take the family Christmas photo and open it up in YouCam Perfect to make a few quick improvements. 

Click on "Beautifier" (left) and then select the face that you wish to edit. 

While the kids don't need any touch-ups, mom wants to brighten up her skin and hide some wrinkles while dad wants to banish his dark circles.

For subtle but noticeable improvements to your complexion and skin, try using a combination of these beautify features:
  • "Skin Smoothener" will smooth your fine lines and soften discoloration
  • "Skin Toner" will either brighten or tan your face, depending on the tone you select
  • "Face Reshaper" will help you look a little slimmer if you've gained a few holiday pounds this season
  • "Face Contour" will make your features stronger 
  • "Blemish Removal" will hide any unwanted holiday guests (ahem, pimples)
  • "Shine Removal" will get rid of that unflattering shiny, glow that we want on the Christmas tree but not on our face

Before (left) and After applying YouCam Perfect Beautify features (right)

Eye bags are a common problem for older men, but "Eye Bag Removal" will give you the hours of sleep that you might have missed last night by hiding your dark circles quickly.

Simply select "Eye Bag Removal" and use the slider to choose the degree of coverage.

 Before (left) and After applying YouCam Perfect "Eye Bag Removal" (right)

For an optional festive addition to your holiday photo or to turn it into a holiday e-card, add one of the free holiday templates.

After you've finished enhancing the faces in your photo, choose "Deco" and then "Frames" to add a Christmas or New Year's themed frame, collage or scene.

Add a template in "Deco" (left) and Saving your image with options to send (right)

Finally, you can send your perfect Christmas or New Year's photo to friends and relatives using U messenger, Facebook, or any of your favorite ways of sharing photos. Happy Holidays!

If you haven't gotten the most popular selfie camera app yet, download YouCam Perfect on your iOS or Android device now!

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