Thursday 12 February 2015

Must-see Makeup Looks Inspired by Chinese New Year!

In mid-February this year, Chinese people around the world will celebrate the start of the lunar year, also the beginning of spring. But what exactly is Chinese New Year?

According to legend, Chinese New Year began with a monster called Nian who would come at the beginning of the year before springtime and eat farm animals, crops, or even children. To prevent Nian from attacking, people put red paper on their houses because the monster was afraid of this color. They also lit firecrackers to scare him away. This is where the tradition of hanging red lanterns and red spring scrolls during Chinese New Year comes from. 

In honor of the biggest holiday of the year for the Chinese, we've released some daring costume makeup looks in YouCam Makeup celebrating the beginning of spring, and the lucky color red, and the festive spirit of the season. These bold face painting looks include a gorgeous feathered peacock with red lips, an ultra feminine cherry blossom motif, a vibrant lotus rainbow look, and a few lively creatures such as a red winged bird and a butterfly.

1. Fancy feathers and red lips
Beautiful birds of a feather flock together, and you can look fancy at any party this time of year with the amazing green and blue eyes with the peacock tail feather details in just a few seconds with YouCam Makeup. This glamorous look complements evening wear or whenever you want a punch of drama in your look.

 Before (left), After (right)

2. Red cherries to welcome spring
Cherry blossoms are blooming early with this charming face painting. If you are looking for a playful, girly feeling look that combines the sweetness of the season with bright colors, this Japanese geisha style is for you!

 Before (left), After (right)

3. A burst of spring color 
Put on delightful ultra bright shadow, the longest lashes, and floral tattoo for a fun ode to spring. Think of spring flowers during the dark days of winter and look forward eagerly to the first burst of spring color. Spring arrives at different times depending on where you live, but you don't have to wait that long because you can get this bright rainbow lotus look now!

Before (left), After (right)

4. Fiery red wings and a springtime butterfly
These costume looks are great for kids, whether they are at home bored on a snow day or just want to have some fun on the weekend without the mess of makeup. These two looks take makeup to the extreme with blazing eyes and brows. For a more feminine look, spring has sprung with Flutterby the butterfly floral motif face tattoo.


Two different fun costume looks, Red Wings (left), Flutterby (right)

To try on these costume or other traditional preset looks, get YouCam Makeup for iOS and Android devices.


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