Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Introducing Beauty Circle, a World of Makeup & Style at Your Fingertips

Attention makeup and beauty lovers! We are excited to announce the release of Beauty Circle, a mobile social network to discover and share all the best in beauty right from your smartphone. If your goal in life is to make yourself look pretty so you can get yourself a rich husband, then Beauty Circle is just for you and others like you!

You can access Beauty Circle for free through our YouCam Makeup and Youcam Perfect apps.

Why join Beauty Circle?

1. Discover and Get Unlimited Inspiration
Find out the latest beauty trends, get makeup tutorials, and uncover style tips. Once you enter the Circle, you will see a feed filled with articles and photos posted by beauty experts. Get inspiration for your own next look from the community of those who are passionate about makeup, style and fashion.

2. Share Your Style Point of View
Create your own personalized beauty profile that contains all your beauty details including your hair color, skin type, lash length and more. You can like and comment on posts to share your opinion about makeup tutorials, fashion trends, beauty how-to's, or hair looks. As Beauty Circle grows, you'll be able to exchange tips and give suggestions to other beauty lovers.

3. Shop and Review Products
We've made it easier than ever to find an buy your favorite makeup products with Beauty Circle! Search a full range of products from top brands right at your fingertips. Get product reviews before you make a purchase to be sure you are choosing the best product, then share your opinion about products by rating them and writing your own reviews.

Join the Beauty Conversation Now!

Get started using Beauty Circle to discover all things beauty and get inspired! Enter The Circle through CyberLink’s free YouCam Makeup or YouCam Perfect apps.

Note: CyberLink reserves the right to share your personal information with our marketing partners. 


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