Friday 6 November 2015

Replace the Sky Using the Blender in PhotoDirector Mobile

The new Blender in PhotoDirector Mobile is an amazing tool to enhance your photos. Not only does it comes with a beautiful set of images to overlay, and by taking advantage of the blending modes, you can use this powerful tool style your images to completely different look.

In this tutorial, we will use the Blender to change the sky of the Lighthouse photo to the orange sunset image in PhotoDirector. First open the image and select the "Blender" tool.

Choose the Sunset image to overlay and select the "Hardlight" Blending mode.

Use the "Brush" Tool to fine tune by erasing overlap areas on the ground. In this case, we left the warm colors over the lighthouse to give it a realistic look. When done, click on the "Check" icon in upper right corner.

Back to the Blender interface, you can dial the slider to change intensity of the overall effect.

And here you can compares the images before and after applying the Blender:

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