Saturday 19 December 2015

Add Sprinkles of Magic to Your Photos with PhotoDirector Mobile

There are hundreds of effects in PhotoDirector Mobile, and one of them simply adds a magical touch to your images. It works best on your holiday photos. Here is how it works.
Open the PhotoDirector Mobile app, then
1. Click on the open file icon to select a photo
2. Go to the Pen Tools
3. Select the Magic Brush

There are 6 different types of Magic Brushes. You can apply several brushes to a single photo. There are also 3 handy tools to let you edit the brushes
1. The Undo tool lets you undo brushes you have applied
2. Undo All tool lets you start from the beginning
3. The Erase tool lets you remove brush effects only in the areas you want to.

Once you are done, click on the “Check” icon on the upper right corner to save.

You can further enhance your photo with effects. In this example, we have chosen the “Effects” Tools to stylize the photo. There are several selections to choose from.

Which one is your favorite?

Once you are happy with the style, click on the Save button to save and share your photo. It is just that simple to create magical images.

Here are some more sample images edited with the Magic Brush and Effect tools.


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