Friday 23 August 2013

Digital Photography Workflow

When it comes to digital photography, the workflow has become a little more complicated comparing to the days of film photography. In the good old days, most of us would take pictures, develop them at a photo store, pick the ones we like and organize them into albums and store the rest. Today, the whole process is handled by ourselves. With the capture devices, whether it be a digital camera or phone, there is no costs in taking pictures and we easily end up taking dozens of versions of the same image. The computers are still the best device to process our photos once they are taken. After uploading the images, it is still takes effort to organize them efficiently, not to mention backing up your photos periodically. Thanks to software like PhotoDirector that comes with all the tools to help you sort, catalog and select photos you want to keep. The development, editing and output modules complete your workflow within one application.

The diagram below illustrates the best workflow for your digital photography.


  1. This chart is very helpful to somebody like me who is totally new to Photo Director. Thank you.

    1. useless? see the "discover" block in the image

  2. Hello guy,
    I'm inspired to see this post .