Thursday 19 December 2013

Six Ways to Improve the Quality of Holiday Photos

 Are you taking holiday photos that nobody wants? You’re not alone. An estimated 75% consumers reported dissatisfaction with their holiday photo collections. But here’s the good news: with new technology and simple techniques, you can take high quality photos on par with those from the professionals. Here are six easy steps to follow:

Carefully Plan Group Shots
  • Most people hate getting their picture taken as part of a group, but if you can make this a fun, fast experience, you can take the pain out of it while getting a perfect photo. First, plan everything in advance. Pick a great location where your guests will fit comfortably. Take group photos early on during celebrations when your guests are still looking their best. Take plenty of photos at one time to increase your odds of getting a perfect shot – remember there is always someone who blinks or moves or smirks at the wrong time, which can ruin a picture.

Candid Photos Rule
  • Candid photos are always the most engaging so use continuous or burst mode to capture the best moments – kids opening up their gifts, grandpa giving a holiday toast. You can also use a tripod and set the camera to take pictures periodically. Additionally, you can buy a more advanced camera with an intervalometer to capture the best candid moments.

Keep Portraits Simple
  • Make sure your subjects are relaxed – this will help them look their best – so talk to them and don’t be afraid to make them laugh a little. When shooting children, get on the ground with them and capture them at eye-level. This will help you capture their adorable facial expressions too. And, place your camera on a tripod and photograph guests as they arrive at the holiday celebration. Guests can take “selfies” throughout the day. Make sure you keep the background simple – not overly festive as that will distract from the subjects.

Get Outdoors
  • Indoor lighting doesn’t always provide the ideal illumination. Flash washes out subjects and can highlight imperfections while low-light photos can look yellowish. Try to take most of your photos outdoors if you can, particularly during the morning or late afternoon when the light is the most flattering. To take the best photos of outdoor Christmas lights, shoot in the late afternoon or early evening before it gets too dark.

Fill the Frame
  • The best photos fill the frame with the subject – your child, grandmother or the holiday turkey. Try to avoid distracting backgrounds that take the focus off of the subject. 

Invest in Photo Editing Software
  • Photo editing software is now easy-to-use and very affordable – it is no longer just for professionals. Using it will allow you to airbrush to perfection, eliminate glare and red-eyes, crop out unwanted subjects and make colors pop. CyberLink makes the most affordable and easiest-to-use software. For the most affordable, easiest-to-use photo editing software, check out PhotoDirector on the CyberLink website.

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