Thursday 25 September 2014

Are Your Clothes Making You Look Fatter in Photos?

Who hasn’t experienced an unflattering photo of themselves? Certain clothing in your closet might be the culprit to your not-so-cute full length photos. But no need to throw out your clothes just yet!

With YouCam Perfect's latest Taller feature, you can now retouch your whole body profile, adjust your body proportions, and slim your waist with just the swipe of your finger. Taller helps you achieve natural & realistic photo enhancements on your mobile device in just seconds. Now you can feel free to be fashionable, look your best, and feel confident in your full-body selfies!

Top 3 Unflattering Fashion Mistakes in Photos

1) Short, tight dresses
If you want to look thinner and taller, wearing a skin-tight dress might be a mistake. The short length can visually compress your torso and the fabric wrinkles can highlight your imperfections. The Taller feature helps compensate for the unflattering short, tight dress side effect by stretching your torso to appear slimmer.

Before (left) and After Taller (right)

2) Baggy pants
Loose pants can make you look shorter and heavier, especially if they are baggy light-colored pants. But the Taller feature can lengthen your legs to make your bottom half appear less bulky.

 Before (left) and After Taller (right)
3) Horizontal Stripes

Thick, horizontal stripes can make your figure appear wider, but you don't have to avoid wearing horizontal stripes forever! YouCam Perfect's Taller helps balance your body proportions to make horizontal stripes look more flattering on your figure.

 Before (left) and After Taller (right)

Bonus photo taking tip:
 When posing for a full-length photo, place both hands on your waist to create the illusion of longer legs and a slimmer waist naturally!

How does Taller work?

The full-body feature Taller is one of the innovative, professional-quality photo editing and adjustment tools previously only available on CyberLink’s advanced photo editing software and mobile apps. Taller incorporates advanced tools allowing users to simply select the neck line, waist, and ankles to retouch their profile and create flawless full body pictures.  

YouCam Perfect utilizes CyberLink’s proprietary beautifying technology to help users improve skin tone, enhance facial contours, and now enhancing features for beautiful full-body selfies.

Download YouCam Perfect for free on the ITunes App Store for iOS and on the Google play Store for Android.


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