Saturday 7 September 2013

CyberLink Takes Media Creation to a Whole New Level with Launch of Director Suite 2

CyberLink proudly announces the release of Director Suite software series from IFA 2013. The suite adds innovative tools to make video and photo masterpieces easier and fun.
PowerDirector 12 Ultimate Suite—award-winning video editor
  • Intuitive Editing Environment—with over 100 editing tools and 400 editing effects, it’s easy for novices and experts alike to create professional-looking videos
  • MultiCam Designer—integrates up to four different video shots of the same scene from different cameras into one seamless piece of synchronized footage
  • Theme Designer—provides over 30 built-in animated design templates enabling fast and easy creation and customization of pro-level 3D video projects
  • Content-Aware Editing—provides a revolutionary way to edit video projects using advanced technology to analyze footage and automatically select the best scenes
  • Motion Blur Effect—adds a blurring effect to Picture-in-Picture (PiP) objects and titles to provide an authentic feeling of movement
  • TrueVelocity™ 4 Editing Engine—cuts down video editing time with 3-times faster video encoding using Intel AVX2 support
  • End-to-End 4K & 3D Editing—supports import, edit and export of both 4K Ultra HD resolution and 3D video enabling the production of unique, high-quality projects
ColorDirector 2—advanced video color grading tools
  • Intuitive Post-Production Color Grading—offers a complete set of tools to correct white balance, adjust tonality, and enhance and stylize the colors within videos
  • HDR Video—unique CyberLink technology now brings the popular HDR effect to video, adding more dynamic range to scenes and highlighting the best parts of footage
  • Intelligent Motion Tracking—isolates and tracks the motion of any object in a video scene so that it can be color enhanced
AudioDirector 4—intuitive audio-for-video soundtrack designer
  • Direct Soundtrack Editing—easily edit any audio tracks embedded in videos with support for up to 7.1 multichannel sound and visually-referenced synchronization
  • 5.1/7.1 Channel Surround Sound Panner—enables sophisticated surround sound projects using dynamic panning technology on any existing mono or multichannel audio file
  • Noise Reduction and Hum Removal—effectively reduces both broadband and tonal background noise, along with low frequency hum and buzz from audio files for a clean, natural result that dramatically improves video quality
 PhotoDirector 5—powerful photo editing and enhancements
  • Pro-Quality Adjustment—provides all the tools needed to intuitively adjust image tonality, white balance, HSL and saturation
  • 64-bit Support—PhotoDirector 5 puts added power under the hood with full 64-bit support, which results in stellar performance such as the category’s fastest RAW import speeds
  • Bracket HDR—lets users merge up to 5 bracketed exposures a single high dynamic range image with automatic alignment and ghost artifact removal
  • Advanced Portrait Editing—contour bodies, smooth skin, remove wrinkles and make eyes sparkle with a comprehensive range of People Beautifier tools
  • Auto Lens Correction—includes over 60 profiles for popular DSLR lenses with new profiles available from CyberLink’s online creative community
  • 4K UltraHD Video—Users can output slideshows as 4K UltraHD video when running PhotoDirector on 64-bit OS machines
  • Content-Aware Removal—automatically removes unwanted objects from photos while allowing the program to intelligently fill in the background area
  • High-DPI Support—for both PC and Mac versions ensures that PhotoDirector looks great on today’s new high resolution monitors
  • Companion Tablet App—PhotoDirector Mobile, a free companion app included with PhotoDirector 5, lets users snap photos everywhere & edit anytime on Windows 8 tablets

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