Thursday 15 January 2015

Improve These 3 Types of Selfies with Lens Flare

Make your selfies shine by adding lens flare in just one touch! YouCam Perfect now has the Lens Flare feature to make your photos luminous and invoke a sense of drama. We're bringing you 3 before and after shots of selfies that have been enhanced by adding the Lens Flare!

Lens flare usually shows in photos as bright streaks or shapes, as seen in the various flares in the above strip. The flare is created as light enters the lens and hits the camera's sensor. While these lens flares lower the overall contrast of a photograph, they also enhance the artistic quality. It can be caused naturally by artificial lighting, the moon in the night sky, or when the bright sun is just outside the image frame. But now you can add lens flares to your selfies and photos in just a few seconds using YouCam Perfect!

1. Outdoor Selfies
When you take a shot outside with the sun or moon light, a natural lens flare makes the photo dreamy and romantic. When you can't get the flare naturally, you can add one to enhance the artistic quality of your image.

During this sunny day at the beach picture below, the original selfie was rather plain and boring despite the wonderful weather. By adding a lens flares in the sky, on the subject's hair, and coming in from the bottom right corner, we can really capture the intensity of the sunlight on that lovely day at the beach.

Before (left), and after applying 3 Lens Flares using YouCam Perfect (right)

2. Special Events (and when wearing jewelry)
If you are wearing a great necklace, bracelet or ring, sometimes you really want to flaunt it! But often your precious jewelry doesn't catch the light enough or it just appears lackluster without professional lighting. Now YouCam Perfect can help your diamonds and metals sparkle by giving it that extra highlight with a one-touch Lens Flare.

Imagine the wedding day scenario as pictured below. This couple hopes to show off the necklace and earrings because they are family heirloom pieces passed down through the generations. By intensifying the light with two Lens Flares, we highlight these important, sentimental items while also making the bride look even more stunning.
Before (left), and after adding Lens Flare to the necklace and earring.

3. Birthdays (or whenever you have lit candles)
Whether you are young or old, birthdays are a time to celebrate! So why shouldn't your photos reflect the spirit of joy and celebration? Especially when you are taking photos in front of the fully lit birthday cake, adding a lens flare can really make your birthday photos truly special.

In this little girl's photo below, we added an X-shaped flare on each of the candles to reflect the sense of movement from the flames. The background was also rather uninteresting, so we also added a larger lens flare to add interest and enhance the atmosphere of the image.

Before (above)

After (above) adding Lens Flare to each candle and two in the background.

How to Apply Lens Flare:
If you haven't downloaded the most popular selfie cam YouCam Pefect, get it now for free on iOS and Android devices.

1. Once you open the app, take a new photo or select any photo you've already taken from your photo albums. 
2. Then go to the "Deco" tab and select "Lens Flare" and select one of the shapes. 
3. You can move it around, resize it using two fingers, and change the angle of the flare with the two circle arrows. 
4. Then click the check box in the top right corner when you are happy. 
5. You can add another lens flare, continue using other features in YouCam Perfect, or click the save icon to save and share your updated image.

Find the Lens Flare feature in the YouCam Perfect menu inside "Deco

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