Monday 13 April 2015

Join the Hottest New Social Network- Beauty Circle

If you haven't heard about our dynamic new beauty community Beauty Circle yet, now is the best time to join! We've just unveiled some awesome new features that make it even easier to learn from other beauty lover and share your own style. With the latest version of Beauty Circle available in our YouCam Perfect and YouCam Makeup apps you can discover original content from our expert Beautyists, post your own photos, tag makeup products you've used, and more.  
  • Discover beauty trends, new makeup application techniques, fashion tips, and style advice by following expert "Beautyists" and other Beauty Circlers
  • Create your profile to share photos with followers, tag products used in your looks, and comment on articles or photos
  • Browse and shop products from your favorite makeup brands, then voice your opinion about products you've tried with product ratings and reviews
How do I enter Beauty Circle?
To enter Beauty Circle, download the YouCam Makeup OR the YouCam Perfect app, or if you already have them, update these apps to the latest version so you will have access to all the latest new features. Once inside Beauty Circle, browse the article and click "Join" to create a free account.


What is a Beautyist?
A Beautyist is passionate about beauty and is your source of knowledge and inspiration. Some are masterminds behind celebrity looks, other sages of next season’s beauty trends. Follow expert “Beautyists” and other Beauty Circlers whose photos or posts spark your interest to get a stream of content you love right in your news feed. Find your next makeup look or get style advice from the most dynamic community of beauty lovers.

How Do I Write a Post?
You can post photos of your own makeup looks, create beauty tutorials, or share anything your heart desires on your personal profile. Whatever you post will be shared with your followers.

Simply select one or more categories for your post (you must select at least one), then create a title and upload an image by clicking on the plus sign +. You can also take a new photo at this stage as well if you'd like to share the look you are wearing right now.

How Do I Tag Products in My Photos?
To show how you created your look, tag the products you used right on your photos. Once you've uploaded an image, touch anywhere on your photo to indicate an area you'd like to tag. Then browse our product library to select the product you used.

For example, I used Maybelline mascara when I created the look in this photo. So after uploading the image, I touched my eye area and browsed the mascara category until I found the exact product that I used. I continued to tag each product in my look so that my followers can know how to recreate my look for themselves!


Join the Beauty Conversation Now!
Get started using Beauty Circle to discover all things beauty and get inspired! Enter The Circle through CyberLink’s free YouCam Makeup or YouCam Perfect apps.


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