Thursday 9 April 2015

4 Ways to Step Up Your Style In Spring Break Photos!

Students of all ages rejoice when Spring Break rolls around, and many seize the opportunity to run off to someplace warm, soak up some rays, and forget about academic burdens. Sand, surf, and selfies are all a part of this annual tradition, but many factors on the beach can get in the way of capturing flawless photos. Windblown locks and dripping beach hair are the norm, waterproof makeup is never quite as waterproof as advertised, and once you get a sunburn…it’s all over! 

Luckily, now we can take photos when the mood strikes, and perfect them later. Ensure your Spring Break snaps show off the epic nature of your festivities! Check out these sunny suggestions on how to enhance your photos on the ride back to campus with YouCam Makeup & YouCam Perfect!

1. Get Foolproof Digital Makeup That Won’t Wash Away Or Smudge
Forget about purchasing a costly collection of waterproof cosmetics for your trip, and bring your YouCam Makeup App instead. This smart makeup kit lives on your phone, and allows you to enjoy a swim, snap a photo and apply flawless styles before you share your photos with the world. Here we applied the light and natural ‘Sunny’ look to achieve a beach-like quality.

2. Banish Beach Hair By Recreating Your Perfect Coif
It’s hard to look your best when you just crawled out of the ocean or a swimming pool, and that soaked beach hair is tricky to rock in photos. Use YouCam Makeup to recreate your natural chic hairdo in your post-swim pics.

3. Get A Group Selfie Where Everyone Looks Super Stoked
With so many factors that can spoil an outdoor group selfie – wind, sun, and arms that are too short – it’s quite a feat to get a photo where someone isn’t squinting, looking the wrong way, or somehow has their face obstructed. This spring break, grab a selfie stick and take your selfies with the Beauty Camera feature in the YouCam Perfect App. The selfie stick will ensure everyone fits in the photo and looks happy, and the Beauty Camera will instantly whisk away any imperfections on your friends’ faces.

4.When You Can’t Make The Tan, Fake The Tan
Some people are blessed with skin that easily looks sun-kissed and bronzed after a day by the water.  Unfortunately, for many of us sunburn is the more common result. If you can’t make the tan, fake the tan with YouCam Makeup. Grab a cute hat or a stay under a parasol, put on loads of sunscreen, and then add a little color to your skin with the app later on. Not only will you avoid the UV rays that can harm your skin – you’ll look great doing it too!

Cleary, the most important thing to pack this vacation besides a swimsuit and flip flops is your phone preloaded with your favorite apps YouCam Perfect & YouCam Makeup. Should you put together a to-die for beach ensemble, remember to share it with our Beauty Circle community – the next hot Spring Break fashion trend might be your creation! Whether you’re jetting off to Cabo, Cancun, or Miami, have fun, be safe & look great!


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