Thursday 2 April 2015

Better Spring Selfies Easy as 1-2-3

April showers may bring May flowers, but don't let those rain clouds ruin your mood or your photos! We've got 3 steps to make your selfies better no matter the weather. Show the world your best selfie using YouCam Perfect.

Step 1: Shoot a Great Selfie
Open YouCam Perfect on your Android or iPhone, and select the Beauty Camera to take a photo that automatically beautifies your face. Try out the camera with star icon to apply one of the 14 real-time skin beautification effects. Whether you want glamorous contours or nature soft light look, you can apply and see the effects before taking your selfie, just like a magic mirror!

Here are a few ways to improve the way your shots:
  • Crop It Close and at an Angle- The background of your selfies is usually distracting and not the focus of your photo. So try a close crop at an angle on your next selfie  (not holding the phone right in front) to focus on YOU and not the background. 
  • Follow the Rule of Thirds- Place your face in the top-right or top-left corner of the frame instead of directly in the center. Try to keep your eye line one-third down from the top and off to one side. 
  • Use Both Hands- You can hold you phone with one hand or two to take your shot, but if you use both hands and the automatic timer, your arms can act as a nice, natural frame for your face.

Step 2: Perfect Your Selfie
Once you are satisfied with your selfie, use any of YouCam Perfect’s beautification tools to easily touch up your complexion for natural looking self-portraits that are perfect for sharing. Beautification tools that you can try include:
  • Face Contour and Nose Enhance- Automatically contours your face for more definition 
  • Face Reshaper- Like a virtual face lift, reshape your face to shed a few pounds instantly
  • Blemish Removal- Remove lines, freckles and blemishes for baby smooth skin 
  • Shine Removal and Blush- Remove unwanted shine and add natural rouge for a healthy glow
  • Eye Enlarger and Eye Bag Removal- Enlarge your eyes and eliminate dark circles under your eyes

Step 3: Take It Up a Notch
To add another touch of elegance to your images, consider adding a Frame or Text Bubble to speak your mind. Place your photo into one of the stylishly designed borders, frames or scenes to make your selfie even more unique.

Or, use a combination of the Lens Flare, Light Leak, or Blur tool to get a personalized look and one-of-a-kind selfie as I did in the photos below. The Lens Flare tool sets the mood and adds style to your images. Lens Flare filters add a burst of creative light to your images that adds personality. The Blur tool will leave the background slightly blurred so that your face is the focal point in the image.

In the Deco tab, you will find many tools to decorate your selfies. 

The Perfect Selfie

Show off your beautiful side this spring with YouCam Perfect! Share your perfected selfies with us by posting them on YouCam Perfect’s Facebook Fanpage, on Twitter with the hashtag #YouCamPerfect, or on our Instagram account with the tag @YouCamPerfectOfficial.

Download YouCam Perfect for free on the ITunes App Store for iOS and on the Google play Store for Android.