Wednesday 30 September 2015

Add Text Using Layers in PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector makes it easy to overlay text on photos, creating Tumblr-like images. By using the Layers Mode, turn your photos into images with inspirational quotes.

 Select the image you want to add quote and go to the Layers Mode.

Click on "Add Layer" icon and select "Add Empty Layer".

While the new empty layer is selected on the left, click on the "Text" icon and a set of text menu will appear. Click anywhere on the image to add text. The check and cross buttons below the text box, let's you decide whether to confirm or cancel the text box.

 After typing in the text, you can now change any part of the text with different type font, size, color and style.

Once you have completed styling the text, you can further adjust the opacity or use the move tool to reposition the text. You can also resize the text by dragging the corners of the selected text box. Notice how all the text will be resized proportionally, so you don't have to resize each portion. 

The final image. Now go create inspirational images to share on social networks.
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  1. Adding text on photo . This post was needful for me .. So thanks for shared this with us .

  2. It was a very nice and helpful tutorial. Really gathered some good knowledge from here. Thanks