Thursday 13 November 2014

Get More Right Swipes: Creating the Perfect Tinder Profile in 4 Simple Steps

A dating app that boasts 1 billion matches and 10 million app downloads but has no questionnaires to fill out, no long personal biography, and only a few photos of yourself. This is the hottest dating site for millennials right now. What is it? Yes, we are talking about Tinder.

What makes Tinder different from other dating sites is that it's all about your PHOTOS."What someone wears, along with other visual clues given off in photographs, can tell a thousand different things about them," says the New York Times.

Using Tinder is incredibly simple. You create a profile using your Facebook login info, then the app shows you men/women in your area. After looking at one or more of their photos, you show you are interested by swiping right if you like that person or left if you don't. If the two of you both swipe right, then you have a match. Now you can message each other and (maybe) the sparks will fly.

Knowing your photos are key to your Tinder success, we've got some tips using our free YouCam Perfect photo app to help you get more matches. A researcher from UCLA recently discovered that its those subtle visual clues in photos such as your clothing style, the pout of your lips and even posture that reflects deeper personality traits such as who is in your circle of friends, your confidence level, and whether you like to party or not. So whether you use Tinder for meeting new friends or finding “the one,” it truly matters how you represent yourself in your photos.

4 Steps to Selecting the Right Pictures to Get More Matches

It's no wonder that selecting the right photos will get you more Tinder matches. But when you create your account, Tinder automatically chooses your most recent Facebook profile images as your default Tinder pictures. The photos you chose for your friends to see on Facebook are probably not the right ones for your potential soul mate. And remember, your main Tinder profile picture will have an extremely high impact on whether or not you will find matches because for most users, that ONE picture is all they will see of you before swiping!

1. First Impressions Matter- You've got one chance to make a lasting impression on your future love. Your first photo should show you up close, smiling and confident with warm body language. Avoid crossed arms or serious faces even if you mean for it to come across as cool. While you can add many photos on Tinder, only the main photos really matter to catch that special someone’s eye.

To get the perfect main photo, try YouCam Perfect's shine removal, blemish removal, and even teeth whitener to show off your best side. These tools can be used on new photos or existing ones.

2. Order of Importance- For your next few photos, it should be presented in such a way that it shows what's most important to you. If your boxing hobby is the most unique aspect about you, then your next photo should have you boxing (or bike riding, playing music with your band, swimming, etc.). This favorite pastime can be a great Tinder icebreaker, too. Both of you love photography? Great! Don't save your favorite hobby for the last photo!

To highlight your hobby, try YouCam Perfect's removal tool to get rid of the background and focus just on you. It can remove background items in just seconds so YOU are the one who shines in your photos!

3. Fashion & Fit First- Make sure whatever clothes and accessories you show off to your potential matches truly represent you in a positive light. Don't wear silly boots or a goofy hat even if you are trying to be funny, and instead stick to classic looks. And keep in mind that it is best to select clothing items that flatter your assets (or hide your less awesome areas)!

If you've got an otherwise great photo, but your clothes are making you look a little drab (we have a whole blog post on "Top 3 Unflattering Fashion Mistakes in Photos") try YouCam Perfect's Taller feature to make you look leaner in your clothing.

4. Ask an Outsider- Once your profile is complete, consult a friend or two to take a look at your profile. Especially if you are looking to match someone of the opposite sex, we advise asking a friend of the opposite sex friend for their insight. Be open to their constructive criticism to make your Tinder profile as great as it possibly can be.

Overall, Tinder sets itself apart from traditional dating sites by being easy to use and aiming to bring online dating closer to the real life dating experience. When you walk into a bar, you don’t fill out a form and have some algorithm match you up with people said Sean Rad co-founder and chief executive of Tinder, referring to the questionnaires on most dating sites. Unlike your parents’ dating sites such as OkCupid, eHarmony or Matchhat find matches based on profile compatibility, Tinder is completely photo-based and YouCam Perfect can help maximize your photo love matching success!

Download YouCam Perfect for free on the ITunes App Store for iOS and on the Google play Store for Android.

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