Monday 24 November 2014

Top 5 Thanksgiving Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Thanksgiving is the time when families all over America come together to share a wonderful meal and reflect on what they are most thankful for. But the meal of delicious turkey, stuffing, veggies, and dessert can also lead to some less-than-pleasant situations. 

While the older members of your family are in the kitchen recounting stories from long ago, Aunt Sally might be in the dining room with you asking if that's your boyfriend she saw you with on Facebook and wonders when you will get married.

During this season, too much family time can cause you some headaches. But don’t worry because we've got some tips to keep you sane in order to make the most of this family time! Presenting U Messenger, the revolutionary new chat app that you can use to avoid some of these modern life digital pitfalls this Thanksgiving day!

Top 5 Thanksgiving Nightmares (and solutions to prevent them):

1. Everyone in your family asks to be your Facebook friend.

You haven’t seen your family in a while, but as soon as you see Uncle Joe and Great Aunt Phyllis they seem to know everything about you because of Facebook. You don’t have to share all of your details on Facebook or your other social networks with certain annoying family members. You can share all of your photos from the Thanksgiving festivities with exactly who you choose. Create a group album and group chat rooms to share what you want with just the family members you want.

Solution: Family ONLY group photo album for sharing

  • Form group chats for your different circles of friends and family. Easily invite and connect with them via SMS, email, U user ID or QR code. 
  • Create group photo albums in which group members can upload photos they take to a common album accessible to all. Group members can comment on any photos in the album providing an interactive and memorable archive of events.

2. Far-away family members miss out on family bonding.

Your cousin Mary is studying abroad and your Uncle Matthew couldn't make it in from out of town. It just isn't the same without all of your family together during the holidays. But for family members who are away during the holidays, it’s now even easier to virtually participate in the holidays even in different time zones!

SolutionCreate Photo Chats to enjoy and comments on the best photo moments

  • In addition to the group albums, U's Photo Chats let you and your family or friends near and far can share text and voice comments directly on your photos. All comments stay with the photos forever for you to revisit just as if it were yesterday.

3. You send out embarrassing photos or messages.

Drink too much wine during Thanksgiving dinner? After everyone has finished eating the big meal, it’s easy to slip into the turkey coma or alcohol-induced daze. Don’t worry about sending your friends embarrassing photos of yourself stuffing your face or inappropriate messages that you may regret later. Now you no longer have to fear what your fingers type—you can recall any message, photo and sticker from their device!

SolutionRecall messages or send Self-Destruct messages

  • Recall messages, photos and stickers that you’ve sent and remove them from the recipient’s device even after they’ve been read. 
  • Self-Destruct messages that are private or sensitive. Set the timer for messages, photos, or stickers to disappear in as little as 3 seconds or as long as 7 days.

4. You feel too full of turkey to type messages.

Had a little bit too much food at dinner? Got that uncomfortable feeling that begs you to loosen your belt a couple of notches or change into a comfy pair of stretchy sweatpants? The predictable sleepiness that occurs a little bit after the Thanksgiving Day turkey feast can make you feel too lazy to respond to all of the holiday wishes you've received.

SolutionUse voice messages and voice comments on photos instead of typing!

  • Voice messaging lets you instantly communicate with individual family, friends or groups by sending a voice recording. 
  • No need to type your feelings or holiday wishes. Audio Photos bring your images to life with your own voice. Comment on photos instantly by telling a short story, a joke, or singing a song.

5. You forget to wish your best friends Happy Thanksgiving.

When you are preparing for that big Thanksgiving feast the days and weeks before, you may feel stressed about your long to-do list. Make it easier on yourself by scheduling those important messages so that you aren't embarrassed because you forgot to wish happy holidays someone who matters most to you.

Solution: Create delay send messages days or weeks before.


  • Delay Send lets you schedule messages, photos and stickers to be sent at your specified time and date. Never forget to wish the important people in your life Happy Thanksgiving or good wishes for other important moments with your personal messaging assistant.
What is U Messenger?

U Messenger offers a completely new way to connect through photos, text and stickers, turning spontaneous moments into instant social connections. U gives users full control over their content, letting them recall messages and photos long after they’ve sent them. U is also fully integrated into CyberLink’s multimedia ecosystem, the world’s most complete set of consumer digital media solutions.

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