Tuesday 17 March 2015

#YouCamSuperModel Meet The Judges, Part 3: Diana Antonescu

Which clothing line from the global Spring 2015 Fashion Week did you think was the best? We were blown away by the bold statements and bright colors in the Versace show during the events in Milan. Some of our favorite fashion campaigns focus on telling a profound story with the clothing, models and styles. It takes quite a bit of behind the scenes work to put together a winning campaign, and the strategy must extend off the runway to include a strong creative team of strategists, marketers and more. One lady who knows quite a bit about putting together a powerful strategy is our third #YouCamSuperModel Campaign Judge Diana Antonescu!

Diana is a marketing executive for Benefit Cosmetics in Romania, and she is responsible for many creative campaigns. She started off as a social media guru for the popular makeup brand and continues to draw on her past experiences while adventuring into new professional territories. As a native of Bucharest, Romania, Diana enjoys staying close to her roots.

When seeking fuel for her creative fire, Diana looks to the cosmetic industry at large, scans magazines, and follows many fashion and beauty blogs. Diana is always keeping an eye on designer Elie Saab’s ethereal clothing lines and is a big fan of supermodel Miranda Kerr.

When asked to predict the future of fashion, Diana replied that she hopes it will include a return to traditional prints and motifs. It comes as no surprise to us that this marketing maven also enjoys a natural and feminine makeup look.

Follow what Diana and Benefit Cosmetics are up to on their Facebook page, and join our #YouCamSuperModel contest today by clicking here
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