Friday 17 October 2014

Top 4 Halloween Face Makeup Ideas

If you're looking for inspiration this Halloween or don't have the time to put together a costume, we've got the top Halloween makeup looks for you to try! 

Use makeup to transform yourself into a Disney villain, Egyptian princess, vampire vixen and more. Before you go out and spend your hard-earned cash on Halloween makeup products, experiment with your face makeup virtually! All the looks below were created with YouCam Makeup app's latest Halloween "Looks," available now for free on Android and coming soon to iOS.

1. A Queen-An Evil or a Beautiful One

Maleficent (Left)- The self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil” is the most sinister of Disney Villains. This bewitching, sharp look with chiseled cheeks and red lips is great if you want to look both beautiful and a bit devilish.

Cleopatra (Right)- The infamous Queen of the Nile was an exquisite, stunning beauty. Her distinctive makeup is a classic Halloween look, with dramatic eye makeup made of bold lines, bright blue eyelids, and golden lips.

2. A Vamp- Find Your Gothic Goddess

Vampire- The female vampire look has become popularized recently from books and movies, but this timeless gothic glamour is the ultimate Halloween look that is both classically scary and sultry. Your pale skin, smudged eye makeup and blood-red lips are darkly romantic and eerie, a style consisting of only black, white, and red colors.

3. A Leopard- Get Inspired by the Jungle

Leopard- animal print has become both feminine and fashionable, and leopard eye shadow is a Halloween look that will bring out your wild side. When you want a costume that is more cute than scary, this predator style is prefect for you! In YouCam Makeup, you can customize the color or your leopard spots to make it even more stylish!

4. Poker Face- Try Your Luck


Poker Face- Bring out the gambler in you with this Queen of Hearts and Jack of Spades look. If you want a style that is playful and flirty, then the smoldering eyes and ruby red lips are right for you. Just be careful that your luck doesn't run out too soon.

How are the makeup looks so realistic?
YouCam Makeup uses CyberLink's facial recognition technology on your own photo to recognize your face. With hundreds of makeup apps out in the market, YouCam Makeup provides the most realistic cosmetic overlays for you to achieve that perfect look.

Try it out today for free on the ITunes App Store for iOS and on the Google play Store for Android.


  1. I would love to add this to my favorite Best Halloween Makeup Ideas collection. :D Me & my friends could give it a try this year. :D

  2. Just stunning your ides . Like these very much .